David McAdoo

writer / artist / creator

David McAdoo is the writer, artist and creator of Red Moon. David grew up in Springfield, Missouri with a healthy dose of curiosity and a clear interest in the animals around him. From the anthills he studied for hours to the many pets he had growing up he never tired of studying their behaviors and emotions. The story of Red Moon came from David’s love and respect for the animal world. “I truly believe all animals know more than we typically think they do, and I’ve thought that way since I was a kid.”

As with many children, David grew up on comic books and cartoons. These were especially influential to him as he developed his drawing and writing skills in his early years and into his teens. At 10 years old, David attended a seminar held by Kansas City writer/illustrator David Melton teaching children how to write and illustrate their own books. David’s book, “The Dragon of Ord,” was chosen a few years later to be the second book published by David Melton at his Landmark Editions Publishing. At 15 David was touring around the country, speaking to children at libraries and schools telling how he wrote his book about a futuristic barbarian battling space dragons.

During college David came to the realization that film was the all-encompassing media that could satiate his artistic hunger. From writing the scripts to drawing the story boards to capturing the action and colors on film and editing them. The only problem was, he couldn’t do it all himself. After graduating college he moved to Los Angeles. Soon enough he had found work doing storyboards and design work for everything from commercials to music videos to video games to films. He has taken his experience in the film world back with him to his first love: comic books. Red Moon is a story with an epic flair to it, hoping to capture that awe-inspiring cinematic grandeur.