Steve Kozak

producer / marketing

In the early 80's, Steve Kozak's family had a friend in the greater Cleveland area that opened one of the very first vhs rental stores. To help their friend, the Kozak's purchased an $800, 50 lb VCR. It was all over from there. Steve grew up watching any kind of movie he could get his hands on.​

While living in California many years ago, Steve met David and the two became friends. They collaborated on the popular myspace blog, MOVIE BATTLE ROYALE which combined David's amazing artwork and Steve's film knowledge for a unique game/voting experience in the myspace community.

But, shorty after reading the script for "Red Moon", Steve knew it was something special and approached his friend to produce it as a graphic novel. Steve thinks, "Films and graphic novels aren't that much different. At both their cores, the artist tells a complete story with specific images and dialogue."

Steve started Cossack Comics to bring Red Moon to life and to inspire other independent creators and publishers.

You can contact Steve at