Hey, where can I buy a book?

All the Red Moon books can be found on Amazon here or possibly at a convention near you. Or click on the individual image of the book you're interested in below to go directly to it's own page. If you like what you see here, watch Kickstarter to be a part of bringing this exciting series to life!

Red Moon graphic novel​


"There is no action-oriented single volume original graphic novel in recent memory as satisfying as Red Moon. If you buy only one independent graphic novel this year, this is undoubtedly the one."

Broken Frontier

"This graphic novel simply should not be missed!"
Booklist Magazine *Starred Review*

"This is top notch comic booking from cover front to cover back. A must read!"

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Red Moon The Rising​

"Impressive...a must read!"

Broken Frontier

Ain't It Cool News

Shadow of the Red Moon #1

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the Red Moon graphic novel is finally here! This is issue #1 of a ten issue series telling the continuing story of reluctant hero, Mox and his good friend Daeden. Adventure abounds, ten years after the incidents in Red Moon and the stakes are even higher as the new world is threatened with new dangers and new villains bent on their own views of how the world should be.