Red Moon

graphic novel

In 2010 the 200 page, black and white (with spots of red) graphic novel Red Moon was released. Two years in the making, Red Moon is an homage to the dark-around-the-edges stories of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of N.I.M.H., Hazel and Fiver of Watership Down and the man-cub Mowgli's adventures in the Jungle Book, but on an epic, world-wide stage, mixing prophecies of looming destruction and the hidden secrets of the animal kingdom.

Red Moon is an epic story of the power of nature, the essence of destiny and the unseen bond between all living things. It’s a mystical journey through the animal kingdom, known and unknown. It’s filled with friendship and sadness, action and drama, love and betrayal.

Raised in the quiet suburbs of middle America, the unknowing hero of this story is a small dog named Mox. The family that owns him seems different now that he’s not a puppy anymore and Mox is slowly coming to the realization that the world around him is changing quickly. Mox is unhappy in his suburban pen but Daeden, a street-wise stray dog, is there to help. Daeden breaks Mox out of his fenced-in yard and shows him that the world outside the fence can be unimaginably wonderful...and tragically terrifying! Once freed of his confines Mox begins having horrific visions of a world in destruction; forests of fire, crumbling mountains and sunken cities, all under the ominous stare of a RED MOON. What do the visions mean? Why do they send Mox into an uncontrollable frenzy? Even Daeden’s vast knowledge doesn’t have an answer. But there is someone who does have an answer... Krigg. He’s a scarred brute of a raven, black as coal and as big as Mox if not bigger. The hideous bird recites a prophecy that tells the end of Man’s World comes with the visions of a Red Moon...

With that Mox and Daeden’s journey begins. And along that journey they will cross dangerous enemies, make powerful allies and come face to face with some of the most fantastic ancient sages of the animal world!

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©2013 David McAdoo

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