of the Red Moon

Shadow of the Red Moon is the exciting return to the world of the original graphic novel Red Moon and the Schnauzer-Terrier hero, Mox, and his best friend, Daeden, a stray Blue Heeler mix. This is the first issue in a 10 part series, each with 28 pages of detailed black and white art!  Follow Mox and Daeden in "Chapter 1: The Darkening Dawn" of their new adventures beyond the Red Moon. Each issue has special behind-the-scenes character design info and special guest pinups from incredible artists like comic illustrator Jake Standley in this first issue!

It’s 10 years after the Red Moon Incident when Mox fulfilled the animal world prophecies and led his friend Daeden, and every other animal in the world (including humans) to Safe-Points, saving them from global disaster. But the disasters did happen and the world they’ve been living in has changed in more ways than anyone could’ve foreseen. Humans and animals are thrown into each others’ worlds and their relationships, although in many ways improved, is now magnitudes more complicated. In this first issue, Mox reveals the changes of the past ten years and his relationship with his family. But he’s unaware of a dark enemy rising in one of the many new factions of this new world. An enemy more powerful than anyone can expect. Where did he come from? Who does he serve? What are his intentions?

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